Thrive in Life Kit

Tools to master your finances

  • Best-in-class financial insights and silky-smooth user interface make Thrive in Life Kit an ideal personal financial manager.
  • Thrive in Life Kit works seamlessly across iPhone®, iPad®, Apple Watch®, and Mac® helping you to achieve your financial goals.
  • Quickly and easily import a CSV file from other personal financial manager apps: Mint, Debit & Credit, MoneyWiz, or YNAB.
  • Visualize your financial status and progress using informative, practical, intuitive charts and summaries.
  • If enabled, select your institutions and accounts for automatic aggregation from over 60,000 auto fintech connections available within the US.





Apple Watch


  • Provides all the functionality and user interface to manually create and edit accounts and transactions
  • Supports creation of dozen of accounts and thousands of transactions
  • User guide included within app under settings tab.
  • Manage institutions, accounts, and categories (e.g., rename, delete, merge, move)
  • Manage payees/payers by account (e.g., rename, merge)
  • With transaction pre-fill enabled, entering an existing payee or payer populates the remaining transaction fields leaving the user to just enter amount
  • Set, update or remove password access to Thrive in Life Kit
  • Display accounts grouped by institution or by account type (i.e., checking, credit cards, HELOC, investments, loans, mortgages, or savings)
  • Set transaction markers to show deposits, negative balances, and credit card utilization ratio levels

Pro-Upgrade Tier (in-app purchase)

  • Brings a significant set of additional features essential to managing and analyzing your financial progress
  • Gain insight into your financial data visually with charts (i.e., expenses/incomes by category, expenses/incomes over time, cash flow) and summaries
  • Import your financial data from another personal finance manager app (i.e., Mint, MoneyWiz, Debit & Credit, YNAB)
  • Export your financial data as a CSV file to use with a spreadsheet
  • Automatically sync your financial data seamlessly and securely across all your devices and watch
  • Save and restore encrypted backup files of your financial data.
  • Create, update and delete a second app password
  • Create, update and delete a pin code for Thrive in Life Kit app on Apple Watch

Auto Fintech Tier (in-app subscription)

  • Automates aggregation of your financial data securely using modern strong encryption algorithms (AES-256)
  • Select your institution from over 60,000 auto fintech connections within the US
  • Secure entry of institution credentials, and possible authentication information, to establish the connection
  • Accounts are updated daily with new pending/posted transactions highlighted with blue bars and count of new transactions tallied for each account
  • No more trying to keep up with manual entry of new transactions
  • Provides secure and convenient automation to managing your finances