Import financial data from Debit & Credit


Thrive in Life Kit provides the functionality to import your financial data via a CSV file that has been exported from the Debit & Credit app. It is quick and easy.

Export a CSV file from Debit & Credit app

  • Open Debit & Credit app.

  • For Mac, select ‘File’ from main menu, then select ‘Export to a CSV file’. For iOS, select ‘Settings’ from the left pane, then select ‘Import/Export’, then select ‘Export to a CSV file’.
  • From the options: Select ‘All Accounts’ (leave ‘Filtered by account’ option off). Select ‘All Time’ for the time period. Enable ‘Format dates per ISO 8601’ option. Press Export. For iOS, select ‘Save to Files’. Select location and filename.
  • Your transactions will be converted into a CSV file by Debit & Credit and downloaded to your selected location.

Import the CSV file into Thrive in Life Kit

  • Go to Thrive in Life Kit Settings (iOS) or File on main menu (Mac), select Import, select Debit & Credit.
  • Locate and select the CSV file for importing.
  • Fill in the current balances for each imported account. Then, click ‘Save’ to complete the import.

Post import clean-up

The name of the financial institution associated with the account name is not part of the CSV file and will be initially set to “Import Debit & Credit”. Use Manage Institutions to create or rename institutions. Use Manage Accounts to rename or move accounts between institutions.

CSV file format details

The column headers in Debit & Credit’s CSV file are mapped to account and transaction fields in Thrive in Life Kit as follows:

Debit & Credit Field -> Thrive Field

Date -> Date
Description -> Memo
Category -> Category
Payee -> Payee/Payer
Notes -> not used
Pending/Cleared -> not used
Account -> Account Name
Transfer Account -> not used
Amount -> Amount