Import financial data with Thrive in Life Kit CSV file format


Thrive in Life Kit provides the functionality to import your financial data via a CSV file with the CSV file format used by Thrive in Life Kit app. It provides a generic CSV file format import that is quick and easy.

CSV file details

Institution name

Text field

Account name

Text field

Account type

Text field. Must be one of the following choices: ANY, CHECKING, CREDIT_CARD, LINE_OF_CREDIT, INVESTMENT, LOAN, MORTGAGE, SAVINGS.


Text field. Only transactions with “N” are imported. Auto fintech transactions, indicated with “Y”, will be ignored during import since they are auto downloaded by the app with a subscription.


Text field. Format: decimal number, plus/minus, two decimal places, and no dollar sign.


Text field. Either payee or payer.


Text field. Format: MM/DD/YYYY


Text field.

Sub category

Text field.

Check number

Text field.


Text field.

Example CSV file

A brief example of a Thrive in Life Kit formatted CSV file can be downloaded as a PDF.

Import the CSV file into Thrive in Life Kit

  • Go to Thrive in Life Kit Settings (iOS) or File on main menu (Mac), select Import, select Thrive in Life Kit.
  • Locate and select the CSV file for importing.
  • Fill in the current balances for each imported account. Then, click ‘Save’ to complete the import.